, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp 65-73,
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Date: 27 Sep 2011

Method validation for determination of 13 elements in honey samples by ICP-MS


A method for simultaneous ICP-MS determination of 13 elements in three types of honey from Poland is described. The method was validated, and the uncertainty budget was set up. The results obtained for the relative expanded uncertainties U rel (k = 2) were 15.1% for Al, 18.6% for B, 18.8% for Ba, 7.9% for Ca, 24.4% for Cd, 7.24% for Cu, 7.9% for K, 4.8% for Mg, 8.3% for Mn, 12.7% for Na, 14.9% for Ni, 12.5% for Pb and 13.4% for Zn. Traceability of the measurement results was established based on the use of the corn flour CRM INCT-CF-3 and the apple leaves CRM SRM 1515 and by analyzing spiked samples. Recovery rates between 94% (Zn) and 107% (Na) were found. The detection limits of all elements studied showed the suitability of the procedure for routine analyses. Summarizing it can be concluded that the described analytical procedures to measure the mass fractions of 13 elements in honey samples with established traceability and evaluated uncertainty allow to obtain reliable and internationally comparable results.