Best Papers of Re'10: Requirements Engineering in a Multi-faceted World

Requirements Engineering

, 16:251

First online:

Relevance-based abstraction identification: technique and evaluation

  • Ricardo GacituaAffiliated withSchool of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University Email author 
  • , Pete SawyerAffiliated withSchool of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University
  • , Vincenzo GervasiAffiliated withDipartimento di Informatica, Università di Pisa

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When first approaching an unfamiliar domain or requirements document, it is often useful to get a quick grasp of what the essential concepts and entities in the domain are. This process is called abstraction identification, where the word abstraction refers to an entity or concept that has a particular significance in the domain. Abstraction identification has been proposed and evaluated as a useful technique in requirements engineering (RE). In this paper, we propose a new technique for automated abstraction identification called relevance-based abstraction identification (RAI), and evaluate its performance—in multiple configurations and through two refinements—compared to other tools and techniques proposed in the literature, where we find that RAI significantly outperforms previous techniques. We present an experiment measuring the effectiveness of RAI compared to human judgement, and discuss how RAI could be used to good effect in requirements engineering.


Abstractions Natural language Requirements elicitation Evaluation of tool