, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 39-47
Date: 04 Jan 2012

SUICIDALITY in the perinatal period: comparison of two self-report instruments. Results from PND-ReScU

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The aim of this study was to assess suicidality in a non-clinical sample during the perinatal period and to report suicidality rates in women with major or minor depressive episode (MmD), assessed with the SCID, during the perinatal period. Women (1,066) were recruited at the third month of pregnancy and followed until the 12th month postpartum (N = 500). Suicidality was assessed with the MOODS-SR and with item 10 of the EPDS at different time-points during the perinatal period. The period prevalence of suicidality was 6.9% (95% CI: 6.0–7.8) during pregnancy and 4.3% (95% CI: 3.4–5.2) during postpartum, assessed with the MOODS-SR, and was 12.0% (95% CI: 10.8–13.2) during pregnancy and 8.6% (95% CI: 7.4–9.8) during the postpartum period, assessed with the EPDS. The prevalence of suicidality in women who had MmD during pregnancy was 26.4% and 34.1%, assessed with the MOODS-SR and the EPDS, respectively, while it was 18.4% (MOODS-SR) and 30.6% (EPDS) during the postpartum period. Clinicians should assess suicidality in women presenting with MmD during the whole perinatal period. Furthermore, suicidality should be assessed in women with a previous history of psychiatric disorder that reported a lifetime suicidal ideation.