, Volume 44, Issue 3, pp 993-1000
Date: 21 Nov 2012

Preference toward a polylysine enantiomer in inhibiting prions

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Differential anti-prion activity of polylysine enantiomers was studied. Based on our recent discovery that poly-l-lysine (PLK) is a potent anti-prion agent, we investigated suppression of prions in cultured cells using poly-d-lysine (PDK). The results showed that PDK was more efficacious than PLK to inhibit prions. Protein misfolding cyclic amplification assay demonstrated improved efficacy of PDK in inhibiting plasminogen-mediated prion propagation, corresponding to the enantio-preference of PDK observed in cultured cells. Furthermore, our study demonstrated that polylysines formed a complex with plasminogen. These results propose to hypothesize a plausible mechanism that elicits prion inhibition by polylysine enantiomers.