, Volume 248, Issue 4, pp 707-716
Date: 06 Nov 2010

Cytology of Vicia species. X. Karyotype evolution and phylogenetic implication in Vicia species of the sections Atossa , Microcarinae , Wiggersia and Vicia

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Automated karyotype analyses and sequence of rDNA spacers have been analysed for the species belonging to sections Atossa, Microcarinae, Wiggersia and Vicia. Karyomorphological parameters, based on Rec, Syi and TF% indices, have been determined and evidenced that, in term of symmetry, the karyotype of Vicia lathyroides was the most asymmetric one. A multivariate analysis using 34 karyological parameters, in addition to the symmetry indices, has been carried out and the corresponding dendrogram of linkage distances showed six different groups. Molecular investigations on the inclusive group in study by employing ITS DNA sequences indicated a different pattern of relationships. The cladistic analysis combining the molecular data set with karyological parameters evidenced that the species of sections Vicia and Atossa join closely to each other in a paraphyletic group, which includes the monophyletic section Wiggersia. Therefore, our karyological and molecular data provide information about the phylogenetic position of the analysed species inside the subgenus Vicia and are discussed in relation to previous results obtained by morphology, isozymes and ribosomal genes analyses.