, Volume 228, Issue 4, pp 167-177
Date: 17 Jul 2006

Nuclear DNA contents, rDNAs, and karyotype evolution in subgenus Vicia: III. The heterogeneous section Hypechusa

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Nuclear DNA contents, automated karyotype analyses, and sequences of internal transcribed spacers from ribosomal genes have been determined in the species belonging to section Hypechusa of the subgenus Vicia. Karyomorphological results and phylogenetic data generated from the comparison of rDNA (genes coding for rRNA) sequences showed that sect. Hypechusa is not monophyletic; however, some monophyletic units are apparent (one including Vicia galeata, V. hyrcanica, V. noeana, and V. tigridis, another including V. assyriaca, V. hybrida, V. melanops, V. mollis, and V. sericocarpa), which partly correspond to morphology-based infrasectional groups. The relationships among these species and the species in sections Faba, Narbonensis, Bithynicae, and Peregrinae have been also investigated.

Correspondence and reprints: Dipartimento di Agrobiologia ed Agrochimica, Università della Tuscia, via San Camillo de Lellis, 01100 Viterbo, Italy.