, Volume 213, Issue 3-4, pp 267-289
Date: 22 Jan 2010

A novel heuristic optimization method: charged system search

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This paper presents a new optimization algorithm based on some principles from physics and mechanics, which will be called Charged System Search (CSS). We utilize the governing Coulomb law from electrostatics and the Newtonian laws of mechanics. CSS is a multi-agent approach in which each agent is a Charged Particle (CP). CPs can affect each other based on their fitness values and their separation distances. The quantity of the resultant force is determined by using the electrostatics laws and the quality of the movement is determined using Newtonian mechanics laws. CSS can be utilized in all optimization fields; especially it is suitable for non-smooth or non-convex domains. CSS needs neither the gradient information nor the continuity of the search space. The efficiency of the new approach is demonstrated using standard benchmark functions and some well-studied engineering design problems. A comparison of the results with those of other evolutionary algorithms shows that the proposed algorithm outperforms its rivals.