, Volume 142, Issue 8, pp 1553-1562
Date: 05 Apr 2014

Complete nucleotide sequence and genome organization of sweet potato feathery mottle virus (S strain) genomic RNA:the large coding region of the P1 gene

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The complete nucleotide sequence of a sweet potato feathery mottle virus severe strain (SPFMV-S) genomic RNA was determined from overlapping cDNA clones and by directly sequencing viral RNA. The viral RNA genome is 10 820 nucleotides long, excluding the poly(A) tail and contains one open reading frame (ORF) starting at nucleotide 118 and ending at 10 599, potentially encoding a polyprotein of 3 493 amino acids (Mr 393 800). The ORF was followed by a 3′ untranslated region of 221 nucleotides. The deduced polyprotein includes P1 (74K), HC-Pro (52K), P3 (46K), 6K1, CI (72K), 6K2, NIa-VPg (22K), NIa-Pro (28K), NIb (60K) and coat (35K) proteins, after an analysis of protein cleavage sites analogous to other potyvirus polyproteins. The polyprotein had a high level of amino acid identity with those of other potyviruses, except in the regions of P1 and P3. The P1 of SPFMV-S RNA has 664 amino acid residues, and is the largest and least similar to those of other potyviruses. HC-Pro and CI show high identity with those of other potyviruses. P3 has relatively low identity, however, the length of P3 was within the range of variability among other potyviruses. The 6K1 protein between P3 and C1 is also highly similar to those of other potyviruses. This is the first report on the complete nucleotide sequence of the sweet potato-infecting virus.

Received October 28, 1996 Accepted April 3, 1997