, Volume 158, Issue 3, pp 601-609
Date: 06 Nov 2012

Characterization and whole genome sequences of the Rhodococcus bacteriophages RGL3 and RER2

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We report here the isolation and genome sequences of two novel phages, lytic for Rhodococcus and Nocardia species. Named RER2 and RGL3, both are members of the family Siphoviridae, and each possesses a novel genome of 46,586 bp and 48,072 bp, respectively. RER2 and RGL3 phages share a modular genome organization, as seen in other sequenced Siphoviridae phage genomes, and appear to share a common evolutionary origin. The genomes of these phages share no similarity with other Rhodococcus or Nocardia phages but are related to Mycobacterium phages. The data presented here extend our understanding of Rhodococcus phage genomics.