, Volume 158, Issue 3, pp 701-705
Date: 15 Nov 2012

NF-κB activation by equine arteritis virus is MyD88 dependent and promotes viral replication

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NF-κB, a family of transcription factors involved in different cell functions and immune responses is targeted by viruses. The mechanism of NF-κB signalling and its role in replication of EAV have not been investigated. We demonstrate that EAV infection in BHK-21 cells activates NF-κB, and this activation was found to be mediated through the MyD88 pathway. Infection of IKKβ−/− murine embryo fibroblasts (MEFs), which are deficient in NF-κB signalling, resulted in lower virus titre, less cytopathic effect, and reduced expression of viral proteins. These findings implicate the MyD88 pathway in EAV-induced NF-κB activation and suggest that NF-κB activation is essential for efficient replication of EAV.