, Volume 156, Issue 9, pp 1641-1646
Date: 12 May 2011

Molecular epidemiology of norovirus gastroenteritis in children in Jiangmen, China, 2005–2007

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Human noroviruses (NoVs) are an important cause of epidemic acute gastroenteritis. Their role in sporadic cases, however, is less clear. In this study, we performed a two-year surveillance (September 2005 to August 2007) of NoV gastroenteritis in outpatient clinics in a southern city of China, Jiangmen City. NoVs were detected in 115 patients (115/881, 13.1%) with 30 (26.1%) co-infections with rotaviruses. Sequence analysis showed that all 115 NoVs belonged to genogroup II, with GII.4 being the most predominant (87.8%). NoV-associated infection can be seen year-around, with autumn and winter peaks. This study provides basic information on sporadic cases of major NoV gastroenteritis in children in different seasons, which is valuable for future disease control and prevention.

Y. Dai and G. Hu contributed equally to this research.