, Volume 152, Issue 8, pp 1541-1546

Susceptibility of cyprinid cultured cells to cyprinid herpesvirus 3

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Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 is a highly contagious and lethal virus that affects ornamental koi and common carp worldwide. However, it is not yet known whether other cyprinids are infected and/or harbor the virus. Here, we report that cultured cells derived from common carp, koi, silver carp and goldfish allow CyHV-3 propagation, while cyprinid cells derived from fathead minnow and non-cyprinid cells derived from the channel catfish ovary are resistant to CyHV-3 infection. Interestingly, the epithelioma papulosum Cyprini cells derived from Cyprinus carpio are restrictive to the virus. These results indicate that CyHV-3 is not restricted to common carp and koi, but other cyprinids are also vulnerable to the virus.