, Volume 152, Issue 4, pp 797-804
Date: 28 Dec 2006

Comparison of SAT-1 foot-and-mouth disease virus isolates obtained from East Africa between 1971 and 2000 with viruses from the rest of sub-Saharan Africa

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Foot-and-mouth disease serotype SAT-1 seems to be endemic in many sub-Saharan African countries. Phylogenetic analysis using the 1D gene of 51 SAT-1 isolates from East, West and southern Africa indicated the presence of at least 6 lineages and 11 genotypes with linkages between various geographical regions of the subcontinent. Differences were observed between countries in East Africa, the main focus of this study, with individual countries suffering outbreaks from isolates belonging to various genotypes, which is evidence of reintroduction of strains and long-term circulation of outbreak viruses. The amount of variation observed has significant implications for disease control on the subcontinent.