, Volume 60, Issue 1-4, pp 47-61

Frequency Changes of Weather Types in the Alpine Region since 1945

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The annual occurrence of different weather types of Schüepp’s synoptic classification in the Alpine region has significantly changed since the beginning of its recording in 1945. The annual frequency (number of days per year) has shifted towards more convective and less advective weather types. Since 1945 the number of long-lasting convective episodes rose and the number of long-lasting advective episodes lessened. Most of these changes took place in winter. The annual frequencies of weather types and the annual mean of certain local meteorological parameters are significantly correlated. On the large scale there is a strong interdependence between the high pressure weather type and the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) index which is based on the sea-level pressure difference between Portugal and Iceland.

Received July 28, 1997 Revised November 18, 1997