, Volume 111, Issue 1-2, pp 1-20
Date: 05 Apr 2012

Changes of total versus extreme precipitation and dry periods until the end of the twenty-first century: statistical assessments for the Mediterranean area

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Changes of total precipitation, extreme precipitation, and dry periods in the Mediterranean area until the end of the twenty-first century have been assessed by means of statistical downscaling. Generalized linear models using predictors describing the large-scale atmospheric circulation as well as thermodynamic conditions have been applied for the projections under A1B and B1 scenario assumptions. The results mostly point to reductions of total and extreme precipitation over the western and central-northern Mediterranean areas in summer and autumn and to increases in winter. In contrast, over the eastern Mediterranean area widespread precipitation increases are assessed in summer and autumn, whereas reductions dominate in winter. In spring, total and extreme precipitation decreases prevail over the whole Mediterranean area. Total and extreme precipitation decreases mostly come along with increases of the maximum dry period length. Vice versa precipitation increases are commonly accompanied by a shortening of the maximum dry period length.