, Volume 91, Issue 1-4, pp 181-192
Date: 09 Jul 2007

Fuzzy modelling of solar irradiation using air temperature data

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Fuzzy sets theory is applied to relate global solar irradiation to both the daily average and the daily amplitude of air temperature. In addition to the presentation of a new mapping technique, from the input to the output of the model, an innovative approach for the tuning of the fuzzy algorithm to fit a local meteo-climate is proposed. Since air temperature-based solar radiation models are strongly dependent on the origin location, the adaptive method presented here is designed as a tool for potential users to either increase the application area or to devise more precise local models. A critical assessment of fuzzy model performances and limitations has been conducted. Results reported here demonstrate the potential of modelling solar irradiation using fuzzy sets approach.

Authors’ address: E. Tulcan-Paulescu, M. Paulescu, Physics Department, West University of Timisoara, V. Parvan 4, 300223 Timisoara, Romania.