, Volume 73, Issue 3-4, pp 243-247

World ocean temperature lag time: an analysis based on glaciation data for the last two million years

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¶It is postulated that before the influence of glaciation, it was the amount of cloud cover and the thermal inertia of the ocean that controlled the Earth’s temperature. The control system went into oscillation 37 myr BP when Antarctica started moving into its present position, the temperature of the ocean and that of the rest of the environment opposing each other in antisymmetric mode. Support for this theory is provided by the observation of periods of enhanced glaciation at regular intervals. The enhancement, being attributed to harmonics with the Earth’s 22,000 yr-precession and 41,000 yr-nutation cycles, allows the calculation of 23,500 yr for the period of the ocean/atmosphere-temperature cycle. The corresponding lag time between atmosphere and ocean is 11,750 yr.

Received February 17, 2002; revised March 19, 2002; accepted April 9, 2002