, Volume 100, Issue 1-4, pp 207-215
Date: 22 Aug 2008

Teleconnection mode between IOD and Northern Hemisphere tropospheric circulation and its mechanism

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The teleconnection mode between IOD (Indian Ocean Dipole) and Northern Hemisphere tropospheric circulation and its mechanism are studied through GISST and NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data sets and by using diagnostic and theoretical methods and numerical simulations. The study shows that, in autumn, IOD is closely related with upper tropospheric geopotential height field in the Northern Hemisphere through teleconnection. It generates a Rossby wave train, starting from the northeast of India and ending in the east of Canada. The remote response time scale is about 2–3 months. The theory of planetary wave energy propagation can be used to explain its mechanism. It is found that the energy propagation of 1–3 latitudinal planetary wave numbers is the possible mechanism for the teleconnection between the IOD and tropospheric circulation. This teleconnection has been confirmed by further numerical experiments using the NCAR/CAM model, which demonstrates that IOD exerts a significant impact on the atmospheric circulations in the Northern Hemisphere.