, Volume 113, Issue 12, pp 1909-1913

Effect of cabergoline added to levodopa treatment on sleep-wake cycle in idiopathic Parkinson’s disease: an open label 24-hour polysomnographic study

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Few studies focused on the effects of cabergoline on sleep-wake cycle in PD. Twelve patients affected by PD treated with levodopa as monotherapy underwent two 24-hour ambulatory polysomnographic (A-PSG) sessions twice: in baseline condition (levodopa as monotherapy) and after addition of cabergoline. In each condition, a subjective evaluation of sleep quality and daytime sleepiness was obtained by means of Parkinson’s disease Sleep Scale (PDSS) and the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. The statistical analysis of sleep parameters revealed a significant increase of sleep efficiency and slow wave sleep under cabergoline. The PDSS total score showed a significant improvement of overall sleep quality after cabergoline. No significant changes in daytime sleepiness were observed. No patient referred and/or showed sleep attacks before and after addition of cabergoline. We hypothesize that the long-lasting effect of cabergoline may improve the objective quality of nocturnal sleep in PD patients complaining nocturnal motor disability without inducing daytime sleepiness.