, Volume 155, Issue 1, p 197
Date: 15 Nov 2012

Amil Nanda: Principles of posterior fossa surgery

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This book, dedicated to the surgery of the posterior fossa, is an important effort to clearly and concisely present this anatomical region in its entireness, with a particular focus given to neurosurgical considerations. The underlying notion conveyed is that the posterior fossa’s unique anatomy and vital contents should be borne in mind while addressing the neurosurgical pathology in this region, and that management may differ significantly from that of supratentorial lesions. The principle author quotes Harvey Cushing when he states that surgery of the posterior fossa—coined by the latter as the “gloomy corner”—has consequently become less “gloomy”.

The book is divided into 25 chapters, grouped into four sections (General Considerations, Disease-Based Management, Surgical Techniques, Miscellaneous). The incentive of creating a concise, organized, and complete textbook on neurological surgery of the posterior fossa initially causes some redundancy between chapters in the first two sect ...