, Volume 155, Issue 1, p 195
Date: 10 Nov 2012

Bambakidis NC, Dickman CA, Spetzler RF, Sonntag VKH: Re: Surgery of the craniovertebral junction”, 2nd edition

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The 2nd edition of “Surgery of the craniovertebral junction” is a nicely constructed and well-integrated book that helps the neurosurgeon and spine surgeon obtain a thorough view and focused knowledge on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of craniocervical pathologies. The book’s structure is properly balanced and gives a scrupulous review of all given aspects related to the craniocervical region from background pathology and diagnosis to surgical criteria and operative techniques. The authors are using classic and modern images as well as numerous schematic drawings to give a better understanding of the frequently complex surgical approaches that are carried out in this area. This could not have been accomplished without the vast experience and competence of the well-respected worldwide contributing authors.

The authors have also emphasized on important parameters such as the need to maintain the anatomical integrity and physiological function following a usually extensive operation ...