, Volume 155, Issue 1, pp 75-76
Date: 14 Nov 2012

Vestibular schwannoma presenting with psychosis

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Dear Editor,

We describe an unusual case of vestibular schwannoma presenting with psychotic symptoms, which resolved with excision of the lesion.

A 22-year-old right-handed female presented with a 1-day history of abnormal behaviour. She was disorientated, confused and claimed that the people around her were an illusion. Over the preceding month she had become introverted, slept longer hours and stopped going out. She noticed decreased hearing in the left ear and had been treated for ear wax. On the day of presentation she reported that she saw unusual shapes that made her feel like she was in ‘another world’. She shouted ‘I want God’ repeatedly and then just ‘god’. At times she was unresponsive with rapid eye movements. She became calmer following sedation and explained that her imagination frightened her and that chanting made her feel safer.

There was no history of drug or alcohol abuse, and no previous medical or family history of note.

Imaging showed a large tumour in the left cerebel ...