, Volume 149, Issue 9, pp 897-902
Date: 14 Aug 2007

Long-term follow-up of 5 patients with intracranial germinoma initially treated by chemotherapy alone

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Background. High rates of overall- and event-free survival have been reported in patients with intracranial germinoma treated by radiotherapy. We report the long-term results after treatment initially with chemotherapy, but without radiation.

Patients and method. Five patients with an intracranial germinoma were treated with 2 cycles of etoposide and cisplatin, without radiotherapy. All achieved complete remission; 3 suffered recurrence within 2 years and were again treated with 2 cycles of etoposide and cisplatin followed by radiotherapy.

Results. At long-term follow-up, each of the 5 patients was in complete remission without further recurrence. Each patient with a neurohypophyseal germinoma who presented with endocrinopathy had initially recovered endocrinological function.

Conclusion. In a patient with a germinoma chemotherapy, and restriction of radiation to those with recurrence may allow restoration of hypophyseal function damaged by the intracranial germinoma without compromising long term survivial.