, Volume 149, Issue 5, pp 487-493

Continuous subgaleal suction drainage for the treatment of chronic subdural haematoma

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Background. Chronic subdural haematoma is one of the most common entities encountered in daily practice. Many methods of treatment have been reported, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Method. The authors present a novel technique for the management of chronic subdural haematoma which is a variation of a closed drainage system. After evacuation of the haematoma through a single burr hole, we inserted a Jackson Pratt drain into the subgaleal space, with suction facing the burr hole, allowing for continuous drainage of the remaining haematoma.

Findings. We used the method for over 4 years to treat 224 patients. Seventeen patients (7.6%) needed a second operation for a recurrence of the haematoma no patient required a third operation. Postoperative complications developed in 3 patients. Two patients died while in the hospital, a mortality rate of 0.9%.

Conclusions. The use of suction assisted evacuation, is followed by results that compare satisfactorily to reports of previous methods, with a low rate of recurrence and complications. It is relatively less invasive and can be used in high risk patients.