Plant Systematics and Evolution

, Volume 227, Issue 3, pp 183-194

Pinus uncinata Ramond taxonomy based on needle characters

  • K. BoratyńskaAffiliated withPolish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Dendrology, Kórnik, Poland
  • , M. A. BobowiczAffiliated withDepartment of Genetics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland

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 11 needle characters of Pinus uncinata Ramond from the Spanish Pyrenees, P. mugo Turra from the Tatra Mountains, and P. sylvestris L. from N.E. Poland were analysed. It was shown that P. uncinata is much more closely related to P. mugo than to P. sylvestris. Nevertheless P. uncinata remains distinct from both in a number of the characters examined. The species differs from P. mugo especially in the length of the needles and in the distance between the vascular bundles. It differs from P. sylvestris in such characters as the number of resin canals, thickness of epidermis cells and the distance between the vascular bundles. Width of epidermis cells was similar in all taxa studied.

Key words: Pinus uncinata Pinus mugo Pinus sylvestris leaf anatomy Mahalanobis distances.