, Volume 227, Issue 3-4, pp 157-182

Morphometric analysis of the Bersama abyssinica Fresen. complex (Melianthaceae) in East Africa

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 The morphological variation of the Bersama abyssinica complex in East Africa is analysed. A wide range of characters was examined both on specimens collected for this study and on a selection of type material. The character distribution of each character was examined individually. The ratios of some of the characters were calculated, and selected characters were plotted in pairwise combinations. Non-metric multidimensional scaling and principal component analysis were employed in the multivariate analyses. On the basis of the patterns observed in the numerical analyses as well as those in the field, a new combination, Bersama abyssinica Fresen. ssp. rosea (Hoyle) Mikkelsen is proposed. The presence of the two flower types described by White: (a) male flowers, with long stamens and short gynoecium and (b) female flowers, with short, abortive stamens and long gynoecium is confirmed, but found to be taxonomically insignificant.

Received May 12, 2000 Accepted February 13, 2001