, Volume 298, Issue 1, pp 87-92,
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Date: 13 Sep 2011

The infrageneric nomenclature of Tulipa (Liliaceae)


Zonneveld (Pl Syst Evol 281:217–245, 2009) proposed an infrageneric classification of Tulipa (Liliaceae) based on the nuclear content determined by flow cytometry and available morphological data. The nomenclatural consequences of this are discussed here, involving the typification of generic and infrageneric names. Additional notes on some species are given. Four subgenera are distinguished, of which two are new; ten sections are proposed, four new; three new combinations are made, and seven lectotypes are designated. Tulipa praecox Ten. is a later homonym of T. praecox Cav. (Descripcíon de las plantas. 2: 448, 625, 1803); its correct name is Tulipa agenensis DC. Tulipa lemmersii Zonn., A. Peterse, J. de Groot is validated here by giving the type citation.