, Volume 291, Issue 1-2, pp 133-140
Date: 11 Nov 2010

Chromosome numbers and DNA C values in the genus Lippia (Verbenaceae)

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The genus Lippia comprises herbs, shrubs, and small trees, including many species with medicinal properties. The species are distributed throughout South and Central America and Tropical Africa, but the majority of them occur in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. The DNA C value of 28 Brazilian species has been estimated by flow cytometry. Estimated DNA C values ranged from 0.825 pg (L. corymbosa) to 2.150 pg (L. brasiliensis). In addition, new chromosome numbers of 12 species have also been described, and meiotic cells with 12, 13, and 14 chromosome pairs were observed. A straightforward correlation between chromosome number and DNA C value was not observed, probably due to two outlier species of Lippia that have been transferred from the genus Lantana. In general, the data confirm previous reports regarding the variation within the taxonomic sections and also suggest a new revision in section Zapania. Aspects of karyotypic evolution of the genus are also discussed.