, Volume 271, Issue 1-2, pp 19-27
Date: 07 Dec 2007

Natural hybrids in Chamaecrista sect. Absus subsect. Baseophyllum (Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae): genetic and morphological evidence

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Chamaecrista sect. Absus subsect. Baseophyllum (Leguminosae–Caesalpinioideae) includes eight species with geographic distribution concentrated in the Cadeia do Espinhaço mountain range of the States of Bahia and Minas Gerais, in eastern Brazil. During the taxonomic revision of this group, individuals were encountered with intermediate morphology between three sympatric species. Allozyme and multivariate morphometric analyses were carried out to investigate the occurrence of hybridization between these species in four populations and 14 suspected hybrid individuals between C. confertiformis and C. depauperata and between C. blanchetii and C. confertiformis. The results of both analyses support the occurrence of natural hybridization between them, and that all the individuals with intermediate morphology are probably F1 hybrids. The hybrids are formally described as C. × blanchetiformis and C. ×patyensis.