, Volume 181, Issue 5-6, pp 493-499

A micro-discharge photoionization detector for micro-gas chromatography

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We report on a small (20 × 10 mm) micromachined device for the detection of gases in micro-gas chromatography (GC). It incorporates a micro-discharge across a 20-μm gap, and a remote electrode in the micro cavity that generates an electrical signal corresponding to the photo-ionization of gaseous analytes in a stream of carrier gas. Multi-component mixtures were detected and the results compared to those obtained with a flame ionization detector. The minimum detectable limit is 350 pg.μL−1 of n-octane in air when applying a 1.4 mW discharge. The combination of wet etching of glass (as used for microfluidic channels) with a lift-off process for detector electrodes by a robust batch process results in a universal, non-destructive, and sensitive microdetector for micro-GC.