, Volume 180, Issue 1-2, pp 93-100
Date: 14 Nov 2012

Centri-voltammetric determination of glutathione

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Centri-voltammetry is a method for concentrating an analyte on an electrode with the aid of a centrifuge. It can be performed in the presence or the absence of a solid carrier/support. This is followed by a voltammetric (analytical) scan. Specifically, we describe here an application of the technique to the determination of glutathione (GSH). Silica gel is used as the carrier precipitate to which gold nanoparticles were added in order to improve accumulation as a result of their strong affinity for thiols. Voltammetry was performed with a carbon paste electrode modified with multi-wall carbon nanotubes. The response to GSH is linear in the 25 and 800 μM concentration range (the correlation coefficient being 0.9915) and the relative standard deviation is 3.40 % (at 250 μM of GSH and n = 6). The procedure was successfully applied to the determination of GSH in wine and in synthetic plasma using the standard addition method. The recoveries are 100.8 % and 100.0 %, respectively.


Centri-voltammetric GSH detection was conducted where silica gel and AuNP were used as carrier materials. As a result, sensitive, robust and practical method was developed for GSH detection.