, Volume 180, Issue 1-2, pp 109-115
Date: 15 Nov 2012

Electrochemical aptasensor for the determination of bisphenol A in drinking water

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We present an electrochemical aptasensor for rapid and ultrasensitive determination of the additive bisphenol A (BPA) and for screening drinking water for the presence of BPA. A specific aptamer against BPA and its complementary DNA probe were immobilized on the surface of a gold electrode via self-assembly and hybridization, respectively. The detection of BPA is mainly based on the competitive recognition of BPA by the immobilized aptamer on the surface of the electrode. The electrochemical aptasensor enables BPA to be detected in drinking water with a limit of detection as low as 0.284 pg mL−1 in less than 30 min. This extraordinary sensitivity makes the method a most powerful tool for on-site monitoring of water quality and food safety. Figure

A novel electrochemical aptasensor was developed for rapid and ultrasensitive detection of bisphenol A (BPA) and screening of BPA in drinking water using the specific aptamer against BPA.

Feng Xue, Jingjing Wu and Huaqin Chu contributed equally to this work.