, Volume 175, Issue 1-2, pp 69-77
Date: 12 Jul 2011

Chemically modified alumina nanoparticles for selective solid phase extraction and preconcentration of trace amounts of Cd(II)

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We have developed a solid phase extraction method for the determination of cadmium ions in aqueous samples. It is based on the adsorption of Cd(II) on alumina nanoparticles coated with sodium dodecyl sulfate and modified with a newly synthesized Schiff base. Analytical parameters such as pH value, amount of adsorbent, type and concentration of eluent, flow rates of the sample and eluent, sample volume and matrix effects were optimized. Desorption is accomplished with 2 mol L−1 nitric acid. Cd(II) was then determined by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The maximum enrichment factor is 75. Under the optimum experimental conditions, the detection limit is 0.14 μg L−1 in original solution. The adsorption capacity of the modified sorbent is 4.90 mg g−1 for cadmium ions. The method was applied to the determination of trace quantities of Cd(II) in water, wastewater, and biological and food samples with satisfactory results.


Schematic representation of the loading L on the alumina nanoparticles