, Volume 150, Issue 3-4, pp 247-252
Date: 20 Jun 2005

Micelle-Enhanced Spectrofluorimetric Method for the Determination of Antibacterial Trovafloxacin in Human Urine and Serum

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A spectrofluorimetric method for the determination of trace amounts of the antibacterial trovafloxacin has been developed based on its native fluorescence in a micellar solution of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). The wavelengths of excitation and emission were 270 nm and 410 nm, respectively. The optimised method allows the determination of 3.0–40.0 ng mL−1 of trovafloxacin in 8 mM SDS solution and 0.1 M acetic acid-sodium acetate buffer solution (pH 5.5), with a relative standard deviation of 1.5% (for a level of 12.0 ng mL−1) and a detection limit of 0.8 ng mL−1. The method was applied to the determination of trovafloxacin in human urine and serum samples. It was validated using HPLC as a reference method. Recovery levels of the method reached 100% in all cases.