, Volume 31, Issue 10, pp 936-938

Expression of the Prothymosin-α Gene as a Prognostic Factor in Lung Cancer

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Prothymosin-α (PTα) is known to play a role in cell proliferation, and the PTα mRNA level may reflect the degree of proliferation of tumor cells. It has been reported that PTα mRNA levels are higher in human colon and liver cancer tissues than in the adjacent normal tissues. We examined the mRNA levels of PTα and c-myc in 20 lung cancers, using Bas 2500Mac systems. The PTα and c-myc mRNA levels in lung cancer tissues were higher than those in normal lung tissues; however, the PTα mRNA levels did not correlate with the stage or pathological subtype of the lung cancer and there was no correlation between the expression of PTα and c-myc. PTα mRNA overexpression in lung cancer was correlated with a poor prognosis.

Received: October 13, 2000 / Accepted: May 15, 2001