, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp 257-261

Automated Bedside Measurement of Penile Blood Flow Using Pulse-Volume Plethysmography

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To evaluate the efficiency of the form PWV/ABI (pulse wave velocity/ankle brachial pressure index) for measuring penile blood pressure (PBP) and the penile brachial pressure index (PBI).


We measured PBP and the PBI using both form PWV/ABI and Doppler ultrasonography in 40 men with surgical disorders.


By using pulse-volume recording, the form PWV/ABI can simultaneously measure PBP and bilateral brachial artery pressure, and calculate the PBI automatically. The data obtained showed strong correlations with those obtained by the conventional Doppler ultrasound technique. Moreover, measurements were completed within 5 min at the bedside and the data were stored in the device's memory.


The form PWV/ABI is a useful tool for assessing pelvic hemodynamics and diagnosing vasculogenic impotence.