, Volume 18, Issue 9, pp 1247-1248
Date: 11 Sep 2009

Vertebroplasty: about sense and nonsense of uncontrolled “controlled randomized prospective trials”

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On 6 August 2009, a paper has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which claims to prove that vertebroplasty is not effective [1]. This paper has drawn an attention worldwide, which is only rarely given to issues of musculoskeletal system medicine. The New York Times and almost all major international dailies have reported this work. Dr. Buchbinder, the Australian main author of the mentioned paper has been cited in the New York Times from 7 August 2009 with the strong sentence “that she would never undergo such an intervention”. This is like a religious confession, and I do not get rid of the suspicion that this confession was there before the study, and the presented work has now proven it.

It would be more interesting at this point to learn how the advocates against vertebroplasty would deal with the often extreme vertebral pain and possible progressive kyphosis if the patient does not want to be just knocked out by morphine medication and also has some demands of a