European Spine Journal

, Volume 15, Supplement 3, pp 379–388

Molecular therapy of the intervertebral disc


DOI: 10.1007/s00586-006-0155-3

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Yoon, S.T. & Patel, N.M. Eur Spine J (2006) 15: 379. doi:10.1007/s00586-006-0155-3


Disc degeneration is the loss of the normal nucleus pulposus disc matrix to a more fibrotic and less cartilaginous structure. This change in disc micro-anatomy can be associated with pain and deformity, however, prevention and treatment options of disc degeneration are currently limited. Much research is going on to understand intervertebral discs at a molecular/ cellular level in hopes of creating clinically applicable options for treating disc degeneration. This review article will give insight into the current and developing status of treating intervertebral disc degeneration from a molecular standpoint.


Disc degenerationDisc therapyIntervertebral discDisc molecular therapyMitogensMorphogensIntracellular regulatorsAnti-catabolics

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