, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 403-408
Date: 18 May 2010

Antioxidant and bone healing effect of vitamin E in an experimental osteotomy model in dogs

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In 12 dogs, transperiosteal osteotomies of the right tibia and fibula were performed and fixed with a plate. Six dogs received orally 100 mg alpha-tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E®, Phytopharma Ltd, Troyan, Bulgaria) as a single daily dose for 30 days (PLO-E group), and the other six were not treated (PLO group). Craniocaudal radiographs were obtained immediately after the osteosynthesis, on postoperative week 2 and months 1, 2, 3, and 4. At the same intervals, venous blood was sampled for determination of serum malondialdehyde concentrations and serum catalase activities. The daily oral administration of 100 mg alpha-tocopherol to dogs for 30 days after osteotomy and plate osteosynthesis of tubular bones resulted in reduction of serum malondialdehyde concentrations after the first week and maintenance of high serum catalase activity to the end of the third month. As assessed radiologically, the beneficial effect of vitamin E supplementation was manifested by earlier bridging of the fracture line, more solid mineralization, and remodeling of bone callus.