, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp 139-141
Date: 28 Jan 2010

Trypanosoma evansi: therapy with human plasma in infected rats

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The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of the therapy with human plasma of different blood types and Rh factors in rats infected with Trypanosma evansi. Sixty rats were divided into ten groups of six animals (A-J). Animals from group A (negative control) were not infected and animals from group B (positive control) were inoculated with T. evansi but not treated with plasma. Animals from groups (C-J) were infected with the flagellate and received a curative treatment with 0.5 mL of human plasma with different blood types (A, B, AB, and O) and Rh factors (positive and negative), 48 h after infection. Treatments increased animals’ longevity when compared to group B, although no curative effect was observed since all the rats died within 32 days post-inoculation.