, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 63-81

First online:

Ectomycorrhizas and putative ectomycorrhizal fungi of Shorea leprosula Miq. (Dipterocarpaceae)

  • Lee Su LeeAffiliated withForest Research Institute Malaysia, Kepong, 52109 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Fax: +60-3-636-77-53; e-mail: leess@frim.gov.my
  • , I. J. AlexanderAffiliated withDepartment of Plant and Soil Science, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB9 2UD, UK
  • , R. WatlingAffiliated withRoyal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh EH3 5LR, UK

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 The ectomycorrhizas of Shorea leprosula Miq. are described and their putative fungal associates discussed. Of the 24 ectomycorrhizal types reported from seedlings, wildlings and 20-year-old trees of Shorea leprosula, 20 were associated with the Basidiomycotina, two with the Ascomycotina and two with either members of the Ascomycotina or the Russulaceae. The dominant group of fungi associated with Shorea leprosula ectomycorrhizas were members of the Russulaceae. This was confirmed by collections of fungal fruiting bodies made under adult Shorea leprosula trees in various parts of Peninsular Malaysia over a period of 3 years. Of the 28 species of putative ectomycorrhizal fungi collected, 15 were members of the Russulaceae.

Key words Ectomycorrhizas Shorea leprosula (Dipterocarpaceae) Identification