, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 65-68

Surface-sterilization of Glomus mosseae sporocarps for studying endomycorrhization in vitro

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 The effects of sterilization time, sterilizing agents (ethanol, Chloramine T, calcium hypochlorite) and antibiotics (streptomycin and gentamycin) on Glomus mosseae (BEG 12) sporocarp germination and contamination were evaluated. Incubation for 10 s in 96 % ethanol, followed by 10 min in a solution of 2% Chloramine T, 0.02% streptomycin, 0.01% gentamycin and Tween 20, and then 6 min in 6% calcium hypochlorite greatly reduced fungal and bacterial contamination from sporocarps and caused little change in germination rate in water agar medium.

Accepted: 4 March 1999