, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 283-285
Date: 11 Nov 2008

FESIN workshops at ESA—the mycelial network grows

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The first large public meeting of the Fungal Environmental Sampling and Informatics Network (FESIN: http://www.bio.utk.edu/fesin/title.htm) took place at the Ecological Society of America (ESA) meetings in Milwaukee this summer. Last year’s meetings at the Mycological Society of America (MSA) and ESA meetings were mostly informational, highlighting future activities of this NSF-sponsored research coordination network. A joint meeting between FESIN and the User-friendly Nordic ITS Ectomycorrhizal group (UNITE) also occurred last year to spearhead research proposals, and discuss pros and cons of current methods for analyzing fungal communities (Bruns et al. 2008). This year’s meeting included 2 days of preconference workshops that are summarized below. In addition, Jeri Parrent and Betsy Arnold organized a FESIN-sponsored oral session entitled ‘Frontiers in the Ecology of Plant–Fungal Interactions,’ held during the main ESA meeting. This session brought together mycologists and ecologist ...