, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp 295-302

Design and fabrication of a resonant scanning micromirror suspended by V shaped beams with vertical electrostatic comb drives

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A scanning micromirror suspended by a pair of V-shaped beams with vertical electrostatic comb drives was designed, modeled, fabricated and characterized. The dynamic analyses were carried out by both theory calculation and FEM simulation to obtain frequency response, stiffness characteristics, oscillation modes and their resonance frequencies. The device was fabricated using the silicon-on-insulator process by only two photolithography masks. Some problems during the process such as the micromirror distortion and the side sticking of the comb fingers were effectively solved by thermal annealing and alcohol-replacement methods, respectively. Based on the fabricated device, the typical scanning patterns for 1-D and 2-D operation were obtained. The experimental results reveal that the micromirror can work in resonant mode with the resonant frequency of 2.38 kHz. The maximum deflection angles can reach ±4.8°, corresponding to a total optical scanning range of 19.2° at a driving voltage of 21 V.