, Volume 16, Issue 8-9, pp 1293-1298
Date: 04 May 2010

Synchrotron laboratory for micro and nano devices: facility concept and design

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SyLMAND, the Synchrotron Laboratory for Micro and Nano Devices at the Canadian Light Source, is a new deep X-ray lithography facility focusing on spectral and beam power adjustability and large exposable area formats. We present the concept of the bend magnet beamline and its main components. A double disk intensity chopper offers the unique capability of continuous average beam power reduction to a range between 261 W and approximately 0.1 W without affecting the spectrum. Continuous spectral tuning between 1–2 keV and >15 keV photon energy is achieved using a double mirror system and low atomic number pre-filters. The radiation fan is more than 150 mm wide, allowing for full 6″ wafer exposure under vacuum conditions. We furthermore describe the vacuum window concept that was required as a result of the large exposure area and broad spectral tunability.