, Volume 16, Issue 7, pp 1073-1079
Date: 25 Feb 2010

Modeling of an electrostatic torsional micromirror for laser projection system

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This paper presents the Simulink model of a new 2D torsional scanning micromirror. This micro-opto-electro-mechanical-system (MOEMS) is very important towards the integration into a system on a package of a complete laser projection system. Modeling and simulation of the MOEMS is a key point for the development of the proper micromirror electronic conditioning interface thus reducing time to market and production costs. In literature, there are not exhaustive examples of complete characterizations of 2D torsional scanning micromirrors. The aim of this work is to develop a Simulink model which incorporates the main mechanical and electrostatic parameters of the sensor such as the resonance frequency, the torsional constant and capacitance versus rotation angle characteristic. This model has been successfully verified via experimental measurements and it proved his effectiveness in the development of the relevant electronic conditioning circuitry.