, Volume 13, Issue 8-10, pp 1353-1358
Date: 05 Jan 2007

Deposition of Si-DLC film and its microstructural, tribological and corrosion properties

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Silicon-incorporated diamond-like carbon (Si-DLC) films were deposited using a bipolar-type plasma based ion implantation and deposition technique, and the effects of Si-incorporation on the microstructural, tribological, anti-corrosion and lubricant bonding properties of the Si-DLC films were investigated. The analysis of Raman spectroscopy exhibited that the sp3 bonds in the DLC film increase due to Si addition. XPS analysis revealed that a thick oxide layer exists on the Si-DLC film surfaces. These explain the high lubricant bonding properties of the Si-DLC films compared to that of the Si-free DLC films. The silicon oxide layer on the Si-DLC film and the transferred silicon oxide layer on the steel ball prevents from the metal/DLC contact between the Si-DLC film and steel ball when sliding, which results in a low friction. Incorporation of Si in DLC films led to significant improvements in the corrosion resistance due to low internal stress and thick insulating oxide layer.