, Volume 9, Issue 6-7, pp 395-398

Development of a freestanding copper antiscatter grid using deep X-ray lithography

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A prototype freestanding copper antiscatter grid with parallel lamellar walls has been fabricated using deep X-ray lithography and electroforming. The freestanding copper grid has square shaped lamellar walls that are 25 μm thick and 1 mm tall with a 550 μm period. For mammography applications, the lamellar walls have to be aligned to a point X-ray source of the X-ray system. To achieve this goal, we investigated a dynamic double-exposure technique. Our progress in using stacked exposures and use of the photoresist SU-8, both to reduce fabrication cost, is also presented.

We would like to thank Francesco De Carlo, Judith Yaeger, Joseph Arko and Shenglan Xu for their assistance. Use of the APS was supported by US Department of Energy, Office of Sciences, under Contract No. W-31-109-ENG-38. We thank SRI CAT for the support of this research. The work is supported by NIH SBIR Phase II Grants: 2 R44 CA76752-02 and 5 R44 CA76752-03.
This paper was presented at the Fourth International Workshop on High Aspect Ratio Microstructure Technology HARMST 2001 in June 2001.