, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp 65-76
Date: 11 Oct 2012

Robust wireless sharing of internet video streams

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The gateways are the performance bottleneck of wireless mesh access networks and thus alleviating stress on them is essential to making such wireless networks robust and scalable. Using proxy servers or wireless peer-to-peer streaming techniques can help reduce the gateway load. However, these techniques, because they are data caching methods, do not save wireless resources. We instead consider a communication-sharing approach in this paper. Traditional stream sharing solutions depend on cooperation with the video server. However, in the wireless access network it is difficult to cooperate with online video sites. To address this problem in wireless mesh access networks, we propose a distributed video sharing technique called Dynamic Stream Merging (DSM). DSM is able to improve the robustness of the access network without cooperation from the online video site or the users and has the intelligence to handle sudden spikes in demand for certain videos due to specific events, thereby preventing adverse effects to other daily wireless traffic. The technique can also leverage the 80:20 data access pattern, common for many video applications, to substantially increase the service throughput. We explain the DSM technique, present the system prototype, and discuss the experimental results.