, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp 77-78
Date: 21 Jul 2012

Multimedia systems journal special issue on Mobile Multimedia applications

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Guest Editorial

The speed and the quality of expanding and creating a vast variety of multimedia services like voice, email, short messages, Internet access, m-commerce, to mobile video conferencing, streaming video and audio have brought true Mobile Multimedia experiences to mobile customers. Due to constant changing environments, limited battery life and diverse data types, Mobile Multimedia implies considerable challenges to operators, infrastructure builders in terms of ensuring fast, reliable services and accommodating the quick growing global customer needs.

In this special issue, we present selected papers presented at the 8th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing and Multimedia (MoMM2010), held in Paris, France from the 8th to the 10th of November 2010. The papers have been extended significantly from their conference version, to include a thorough literature review and more advanced result.

In addition, we have also received several direct submissions as a resp ...